Ecological product

Wood composite is a sustainable and ecological alternative for hardwood.
It is made from a mixture of wood flour and PVC. As a result, it contributes to the protection and conservation of tropical rain forests.
It also does not require follow-up treatment using oils, harmful preservatives, pesticides and so on. The estimated life expectancy surpasses that of conventional wood and once it was come to the end of its useful life it is completely recyclable.

PEFC certified

Plastivan is certified to supply PEFC certified products. Our concern for the environment and the development of sustainable products has ensured that from today we are in a position to present this certificate. Duofuse wood composite consists of 50% wood flour. This wood comes from sustainably managed forests. The wood flour is mixed with PVC in our own granulation plant to form WPC granules. These are then used in the production of wood composite decking boards and fencing. After its usable life, wood composite is also completely recyclable.
This certification ensures that Duofuse is the environmentally friendly alternative for tropical hardwood.

PEFC is the acronym for 'Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification Schemes’ which is a non-governmental environmental organisation. The PEFC system, which is represented across the world, pursues the certification of sustainable forest management. Specifically, PEFC promotes forest management that is environmentally friendly, socially beneficial and financially viable. For more information, please visit

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