Colour change

After several days, Duofuse® will begin to discolour. This is a natural and temporary process after which the material returns to its original colour. The cause is the wood composite raw material that consists of 50% wood flour. Wood flour contains lignin in the cell wall and together with cellulose it determines the strength of wood. By sanding the surface during the manufacturing process, the wood fibers release the lignin and following exposure to UV light a slight discolouration occurs. This substance is completely harmless but gives a discolouration of the surface. Stone Grey and Graphite Black get a yellow / green tint in the initial phase, while Tropical Brown and Wenge Brown undergo a less noticeable colour change. The sun and rain loosen the lignin on the surface and a brown/yellow substance emerges. This substance is completely harmless and is responsible for the colour change. This may cause water circles or drip edges on the wood composite profiles. The more irrigated the boards, the faster the lignin disappears from the wall and after a few weeks/months, the original colour of the panels will be regained. If you wish to speed up this process you can rinse the product regularly with water. Regarding the decking with a wood grain structure, you should take into account that the contrast of the wood grain will fade after a certain time.

Boards that are already discolouring during storage can be placed perfectly together with boards that were not yet subject to this discolouration process. Over time, all boards will show the same uniform colour.

The colours and brushing can differ from one production to the other and are not contractually binding.

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