Duofuse wood composite is virtually maintenance free meaning that preservative products are completely superfluous. For normal maintenance, you can use a brush or high pressure washer (max. 80 bar). Feel free to use a mild cleaning agent, but it is not advisable to use a dirt killer. Any grease and oil stains can be removed with a household degreaser. The best way to deal with persistent dirt such as organic stains, mould and slime build-up or moss is to use a diluted bleach solution (25% bleach at 10° with 75% water). Solvents must NOT be used. Always make sure that the joints are open for good drainage. Any stains are best removed straight away so that they cannot penetrate the material or dry up on it. Rinsing with water and a mild soap solution is recommended in this case. If a stain is not removed immediately, it may dry up and penetrate the plank. If this is the case, thorough cleaning with a pressure washer and/or brushing in the direction of the grooves is best.

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